Company Info

Uber Sports has been distributing leading brands to your local run, bicycle, triathlon, and outdoor retail stores for over 18 years. How did Uber get started? We were on a family vacation in Europe and we discovered unique sporting good products that were not yet introduced into Canada. We began importing products that were leading within their category and to this day we continue to uphold this strategy of selling the leading brands of products in Running, Cycling, Triathlon, and Outdoor.

Our success continues to be our vibrant dealers that offer incredible shopping experiences that are vital to the long term success of our brands. We have many requests to offer these great products directly to our great consumer base that have been supporting our brands over many years. We can help you find a local store where you can see and purchase our great brands in person. Or, Uber offers some unique products such as our GU SAMPLER that is priced right and gives you a chance to try other flavors and other types of GU products.

Top 3 reasons for buying from Uber!

  1. GU sampler pack contains copious GU flavors and different GU products.
  2. Specially priced Clearance Items
  3. Knowledgeable and impeccably friendly service.

Uber Sports online offers the convenience of ordering from where you are and promptly delivering to your home or work.